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Sewing for All Ages

My “Sewing Castle” business came to fruition in January of 2022 after having a lifelong interest and passion for sewing and creating.  This pastime led to many opportunities to not only increase my skills, but also to share with others both informally and formally.  While my children were young, I sewed clothing, dolls, quilts and even upholstered furniture.  While living in Africa, I developed and taught three levels of sewing classes to young adults (in French) for eight years. When my family relocated to Maine, I sold handmade dolls in craft fairs and ran a very successful after-school sewing club for three years until it closed due to Covid.  Once retired from teaching, I renovated a small camper into a sewing studio, “Sewing Castle”, and started teaching classes to all ages and levels! Sewing has always been a part of my life!

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